Having a problem with an FTP site thru our firewall. When I have my filters up I cannot connect to FTP.mognot.com when i take the filters down it works. I can access any other ftpsite on the internet with the filters up, except this one. My firewall is a bordermanager 3.8.4 with filters that give me access to all others ftpsites

I have done a trace and the following service not available error occures, preventing me from connecting. I have placed the full Packet Capture on my ftpsite at the following address. The file name is mognot.cap

trace info:
Fire Transfer Protocol (FTP)
421 5\r\n
response code: service not available, closing control connection (421)
response arg: 5

The following address with take you to a site to download the program to be used to access my ftpsite. please download the file then execute the program.


any ideas on how to fix this ftpaccess