We've recently setup a NOWS server and I'm currently looking at the various options for central file storage but am I bit confused.

Are there any guides to the pros and cons of the various options? It seems like NOWS gives me many different ways to approach things.

Specifically, I can see that we could use any of:

  • iFolder
  • Groupwise Libraries
  • Samba shares
  • Netstorage/webdav

An introduction to the pros/cons and best practice usage of these options would be really handy so we can make the best business decision.

A specific issue i'm trying to solve at the moment is how to make some key documents accessible to an external web application we're building. The coder for this system has said that he could use rsync to do this.

Any good links / guides for NOWS and file storage solutions?

P.S. Not sure if this is the correct forum but wasn't sure where else it would go...