Hello all,
I have had the GW7 Gateway for Exchange SP2 in production for about four weeks now. I have been getting a few complaints, and have seen, some strange undeliverable issues.

Situation: GroupWise 6.5 user sends email to user@gmail.com and the message headers confirm message attempted send to JaneDoe@gmail.com. GroupWise 6.5 user gets "Undeliverable" NDR reply with "MX error". GroupWise 6.5 user sends original message and NDR reply with headers to me, and I see that original message address was somehow converted from JaneDoe@gmail.com to (GroupWise Foreign Domain): ExchangeGW.First Administrative Group.JaneDoe. And this isn't just isolated to gmail.com. I had, until just now, set up Internet Addressing override on the GroupWise Foreign Domain where the GW7 Gateway for Exchange exists. It appears that since the time I installed the GW7 gateway for Exchange, some, but not all, GroupWise users who send internet email have those internet email recipient addresses converted to the GroupWise Foreign Exchange Domain.PO addresses. It is almost like that internet destined email is instead being routed and/or readdressed to/through the GW7 Gateway for Exchange SP2 instead of the GWIA. Is this a misconfiguration error on my part? I know that email is traversing both directions between the Exchange and GroupWise systems just fine, and most Exchange and GroupWise users are sending and receiving Internet email just fine. So I don't believe I have a routing issue where Internet bound email might be misrouting to the Exchange gateway instead of the GWIA, as I would think that all users would be having a problem. My Exchange system sends SMTP email directly out for only Exchange users, but Exchange users receive internet email from the GWIA/GroupWise System via the GW7 for Exchange gateway, as suggested by Novell. I have also seen a situation today where a GroupWise user in one domain and PO as another GroupWise user in the same domain, but different PO, has an addressing of the Foreign ExchangeGW.Domain.PO, which is really weird. So I thought that maybe the default routing domain need to be adjusted to the GWIA Domain.GWIA, instead of a Post Office Domain, and so I changed the default routing domain. I also turned off the Override settings for the Exchange Gateway Foreign Domain.PO and let it use the system defaults for Addressing rules and Internet domain name. These issues didn't occur before I installed the GW7 GW for Exchange SP2 late last month.
Any help will be very appreciated.
Thank You,
J. Scott Branscum
GroupWise 6.5.2 System Administrator
Clackamas Community College
Oregon City, Oregon
Novell MCNE, Cisco CCNA