I'm trying to update our software dictionary on our roll-up server. I've added some new entries from unidentified software. When I put them into the main software dictionary it warns me that some of the info is missing (software name, vendor, etc...). I then open the software dictionary to amend this, I can then amend it but there are other entries within the software dictionary that have info missing. It then tells me I have to amend these before I can save, which is fine, so I go to amend it but I can't, it just doesn't let me. It won't let me delete or amend or do anything to this row in the dictionary. Until I can sort this out I can't change anything in the software dictionary.

Rollup Software Dictionary

I have also tried the same on the actual server that the scanned workstation scans to, I can't amend it there either.

Server software Dictionary

Any help appreciated.