I need to get back an msg.db file that i need to repair a broken groupwise
archive, however i do have a problem, the directory that held this file was
either moved / deleted or re-created and so when i do a savlage in the
normal way it only shows the recent deletions, i ried to rename the folder
as there was an option to salvage the folder from the folder root then
restore the files but these are also no good. The backup we take is also no
good as the user has only alerted us to their gwise archive problem now
after sitting on it for some weeks and i think it has fell outside of our
tape rotation.

the volume is nss and i have about 80GB of purgeable space with about 40Gb
normal free space so there is a chance its in there somewhere. Is there a
facility similar to traditional volumes where you could look at the contents
of deleted.sav and see all files regardless of where they are from.

hope im clear in what im asking and that there is a method i can try.