I have a Novell 6.5 server w/sp7. I am also using serial ATA hard drives. I have another server that is using OHCIDRV.CAD for the usb drivers and it is working fine. This new server wants to use EHCIDRV.CAD and UHCIDRV.CAD for USB. The usb drive loads fine but after an hour or 2 I get the error CIOS: SCSI error on Seagate FreeAgent (618001) 801002 - 70:2:4:2

I tried to rename the UHCIDRV.CAD file in C:\Nwserver\drivers but then on bootup, the system is looking for this file and will not boot without it. I am guessing that it is needed for the serial ATA to work.

I found the new usb drive patch, installed it with the same results.

Any ideas?