I setup a lab with two single server test trees and my XP and Vista client can only find one of the trees, the one witouth a DA. I can't figure it out.

In the Novell client properties on both PCs I set the correct DA address and SLP SCOPE but both PCs still can only find the tree without the DA. On the XP PC I ran SLPINFO and verfied the information was correct. On Vista I found out there is no SLPINFO as of yet.

In the Advanced properties of the Novell login window when I click on the 'Trees' button, I only see one tree and it happens to be the server without SLPDA running. I would think since I configured the clients with the DA information it would be the opposite, that it would see the server/tree with the DA, and not the one without the DA. What makes this even more confusing is that both PCs are on the same subnet as the server that they can't find. They can find the server on the other subnet but not the server on the same subnet as they are.

If I enter the IP address of the server in the 'Tree' field I can walk the tree and select the context and server and login and everything works fine. However I just can't choose the tree if I click on the 'Tree' button. It only displays the other tree. I appreciate any help that you can provide. Thanks.