I'm having some trouble getting LDAP to work. I probed around and read the posts about the LDAP admin-lockout issue surrounding "admin" as the default Teaming/Liferay administrator account and having a (different) "admin" account under eDir.

It seemed like a reasonable workaround would be to change the screen name of the Teaming "admin" to something else, instead of changing my eDir "admin" name. Of course, one can't simply change the screen name of the Teaming admin - (even though you can actually enter a new screen name in the text box, the input is just ignored).

So, on a fresh install of Teaming 1.0.2, I created a new user using "basic" mode. I set up the new user as a site administrator and checked that I could log in and have the same functionality as the original default administrator account. All well and good at this point.

Then I de-activated the default "admin" account, and deleted it. All was still well and good, I could see everything I could see before.

So then I fired up the Teaming Administration portlet, selected Configure LDAP, and walked through that as described in the Installation Guide. When I clicked "apply", I received an error message (and I can't now find it, stupid of me) along the lines of "no user -5".

The portlet then disappeared from my home page. When I now go to "add content", the option to load that portlet is no longer available.