I notice that somebody recently had difficulty using VNC on OES1, and nobody
seems to have the cure.
I'm have a similar problem on OES2 on both machines we've installed in our
network. Scenario is:

- Have enabled remote administration on the server with KDE gui.
- Have disabled firewall on server.
- Have verified with port scanner that VNC port (5901) is active.
- Have verified also that vnc httpd port (5801) is also active.
- TightVnc viewer version 1.3.9 with entry <servername>:1 produces "error:
ReadExact: Socket error while reading".

Is anybody using the VNC client viewer successfully with OES2? If so, did
you have to do anything special to get working. We have a bunch of SLES9 and
SLES10 machines operating (non OES) and VNC works very nicely with all of

Dale M.