I have an OES2 server with a 3.5GB /var partition. It is running a Tomcat application that connects to a MSSQL server. Occasionally when connectivity between the servers is disrupted, Tomcat doesn't reconnect and the catalina.out logfile grows until it consumes all available space on /var. Yesterday, /var ran out of space so I deleted that file and restarted Tomcat, which I've done many times, but Tomcat wouldn't load. Upon closer investigation I discovered that the partition was still reporting full, even though the huge file had been deleted. However, when I check all the files under /var it only adds up to about 1GB. I deleted a couple things and freed up about 100MB just to get the system working, but I can't figure out how to release the rest of the unused space:

This illustrates the discrepancy (run as root and taking into account hidden files):

servername:~ # df /var
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda6 3678728 3576096 102632 98% /var

servername:/var # du -skh .[A-z]* *
0 .Trash-root
344K X11R6
53M adm
52M cache
0 games
108M lib
0 lock
36M log
0 mail
0 novell
775M opt
93K run
8.5K spool
0 tmp
4.0K yp

Any ideas on how I can reclaim the "mystery space?"