Having been testing ZW Imaging in our test lab for last couple of weeks I have run across a few issues but this last one has me a little confused.

Most of the PCs I have been testing with have been fine to get going using PXE boot so I can drop images onto "bare" PCs. But I have run into problmes with the Lenovo A14 with the Broadcomm Gigabit integrated NIC in it. I have been checking the forums here and tried a few things with no success. The issue would simply appear to be a NIC driver issue.

At present we have ZDM 7 SP1 installed from the R3 media. I have downloaded the CPK for HP 2A but have not yet got that installed as I am struggling to find RegJNI.NLM (see previous post) But I have also downloaded the imaging resource files and applied them to the server. The bootcd.iso file is dated 6 March 2008 and the linux, initrd and root files are dated 10 Jan 2008.

The issue I have is this. The PC PXE boots OK, I get the Menu and select Maintenance Mode and the files seem to download OK from the server and then linux starts up and I fianlly end up with a screen that tells me that there is no network driver loaded. And nothing I do seems to help.

So following TID 3421576 I booted from the boot cd and everything went along just fine and dandy. But I did not get an error about the network module not being loaded as at Step 3. At the bash prompt I entered hwinfo --netcard and got a whole bunch of information, including the fact that the Vendor was Broadcomm (0x14e4) the device was 0x19a and then that the Sub Vendor was Lenovo (0x17aa) and the device was 0x1015, rev 0x02 and the driver is "tg3".

I have tried adding a "newid" entry to the z_maint.cmd and z_auto.cmd files but this made no difference.

I am getting a bit confused about all this and may well have missed something but I am at a bit of a loss to understand why I can boot from the boot cd OK with this type of PC but not from PXE. Is there something I have missed or am I just stuck with this situation. I hope not as I really would like to use PXE boot for imaging (and particularly re-imaging of PCs in branch offices)

Any advice or assistance would be most appreciated.


Stuart Kett