I just installed two brand new boxes with SLES 10 SP1 and OES 2. Installs
went just fine. NSS is working wonderfully.

However, for both boxes, I do not have a wwwrun user or wwwgroup in eDir.
The user exists in /etc/passwd

According to the documentation:

H.1 System Users Created on Linux

Table H-1 System Linux Users

Username Entry in /etc/passwd
Associated Service
iprint iprint:x:UID:GID::/var/opt/novell/iprint:/shell
iPrint daemons
novell_nobody novell_nobody:x:UID:GID:Novell System User:/opt/novell:/shell
novlxregd1 novlxregd:x:81:81:Novell XRegD System
User:/var/opt/novell/xtier/xregd:/shell XTier registry daemon
novlxsrvd1 novlxsrvd:x:82:81:Novell XSrvD System
User:/var/opt/novell/xtier/xsrvd:/shell XTier service
wwwrun1 wwwrun:x:30:8:WWW daemon apache:/var/lib/wwwrun:/shell

1 When Novell Storage Services™ (NSS) is installed on the Linux server,
these users are removed from the local system and created as LUM-enabled
users in eDirectory. This is required because these users must have access
to NSS data, and all NSS access is controlled through eDirectory.

When NSS was installed, should it not have deleted the wwwrun user from
/etc/passwd and LUM enabled that user?

I tried running the NSS install again through YaST but it did do that.

What step did I miss on the install? What do I need to run to create the
wwwrun user and www group in eDir?