I need to migrate my DNS/DHCP server off of the server that it is on and make it a server unto itself. But I'm having a little trouble figuring out the best course of action to accomplish this.

The following is a list of our servers (names abbreviated), and their relative location.

My site:
IS <---- (NW6.5SP7, Master of Root and CA)
IS2 <---- (NW6.5SP7)
BM <---- (NW5.1SP8, BorderManager 3.7)
FAX <---- (NW5.1SP8 with DNS/DHCP)
iWeb <---- (OES - Linux)
BKP <---- (NW6.5SP7)
ZEN <---- (NW6.5SP7, ZfD4.01)
iPrint <---- (NW6.5SP7)
Remote site:
IS <---- (NW5.1SP8)
BM <---- (NW6.5SP5, BorderManager 3.8)
DHCP <---- (NW6.5SP7)
IS2 <---- (NW6.5SP6)
The server in question is the FAX server at my site.

Due to a large number of devices and servers with static assigned IP addresses and DNS settings, I have decided that the easiest thing to do would be to have the IP address of FAX follow the DNS/DHCP server. This, of course, means that the IP address of FAX has to change at some point in this process.

I'm having trouble figuring out the order in which things should happen. Should I remove DNS/DHCP from the network at my site, change the FAX server's IP, then install DNS/DHCP back into my network with the old FAX IP?

Oh, and to make things even more complicated, the remote site does not have a DNS server. They use ours. This means that when I try to do an IP change on FAX there won't be any DNS server. Will eDir still sync?

Any thoughts on this process and links to helpful TIDs would be greatly appreciated.