I'm running OSX 10.4.11 w/ the 4.36 client, and NW 6.5 SP5 w/ the iPrint SP5
post patch (on a cluster). We had an issue uploading a Canon PPD to the
broker, which is resolved in TID 3540206. However, I can't upgrade the
cluster just yet to SP7 (although this will solve my ultimate problem).
The TID recommends that you use nwadmin - but because NW Admin is so old,
it doesn't have support for the Mac drivers.

Then I found the option to iprntcmd which can upload a driver directly from
the Mac, however, when I issue the iprntcmd --uploadbroker etc command, it
first prompts me for a username for the IDS (which it isn't an IDS, it's a
broker) then the password. No matter what I put in here, it then asks for
my login to our TREE. I've tried putting in the distinguished name, LDAP
name, and everytime it asks for the username again (after I put in a
password). I can't find any logs where it gives any information on what's
happening. I also noticed that the switch differs slightly from what's in
the OES documentation.

Has anyone gotten this to work? I tested this against my 6.5 SP7 server in
the test lab, but no luck there either, exact same issue. If it did work,
we might be able to get iPrint in the Mac environment sooner, which would
be a big win for Novell here.

-Josh Albright