NW 6.5 sp6 (have applied latest WSOCK, LIBC, and TCP updates) with BM 3.8
sp5 IR1. We have a client to site VPN configured on this box, among other
typical BM related services.

Over the last couple of months we've experienced abends on this server and
until recently there was no rhyme or reason. I applied the latest patches
for NW 6.5 as mentioned above (may go to SP7 but would rather not at this
point on this server) and also applied the IR1 patch for BM 3.8. Again, not
all that keen on going up to 3.9 because this server may be retired in the
next 6 months. The abends continued despite all of the updates.

A month ago, I decided to check out the VPN audit log through iManager and
noticed that a few minutes before an abend there was a VPN session timeout.
Checking that log after the last several abends has resulted in the same
findings...VPN session timeouts seem to be abending this server.

I've attached the latest abend.

Any idea why a session timeout would cause an abend? Any help would be

Content-Language: ; name=April3008abend.txt