I create an MSI application object and associate it to an MSI. I then set the applications to Force-Run, Run as User if Workstation Associated, etc. I'll log in to a PC that the application is associated to and it will run the installs. Everything installs fine, everyone's happy.

However, after this first install, or sometimes a couple more installs the app won't load. So, I go to the application object properties and look around.

The MSI tab is missing altogether, I notice. The Package Information section is also missing from the Identification tab. I'm 100% sure that I created them as MSI objects and I've even deleted the object, recreated it, re-ran the install and had it eventually lose these settings again.

It seems as though it's reverting to a simple application and not an MSI app. Under Run Options, the Path to File is still set to the folder where the MSI is located, but again, no MSI tab, not Package Information.

What's goin' on?