Our development tree (Netware 6.5 sp7, OES2 Linux, eDir 8.8 sp2)
consists of mostly VM Guest machines (ESX cluster) and a few old
physical machines. I have one elderly physical server that happens to
have a bunch of disk space which I've configured as an iSCSI target. I
set up a two node cluster, both nodes VMs, using the iSCSI san as shared
disk space. All seemed to work beautifully until I tried to migrate
resources. The resource loaded however VMWARE didn't pick up on the ip
address change so you get routed to the wrong server when trying to
access a the migrated resource. I found a post in the VMWare forums
( that seems to be the same
issue with a Linux cluster. The solution was to send a manual ARP
update out after the resource migrated. Is there a way to do this on
NetWare? I couldn't find an equivalent to -U for NetWare. Anyone know
how to adjust the VMWare environment so the manual workaround isn't needed?