We have been working with ZCM since it's release. We started with standard and were under impressed. The 10.0.2 patch seemed to fix most of the issues in standard we were seeing and we were much happier. For what it had it worked good enough. We soon noticed we needed some of the software and patch management items in Enterprise so after much discussion and a lot of looking at other options we decided to go ahead and upgrade to Enterprise after all Standard was humming along nicely and everything in one software package was a nice touch. We placed the order and I was so happy to get the Enterprise keys. I began entering the keys in much anticipation.

And that is were everything went to hell in a hand basket. First off the only key that worked immediately was Asset Management, I still can not figure out what key is needed in Linux asset management and that &^%$ prompt is still there. We tried to enter the Patch Management key and it said our subscription was expired. Expired? It is a brand new key. So we connected Novell and they said it was all good, however it took three days before the key would activate. Ok stuff happens so we pressed forward. We setup Asset management with no fuss, the reports are working and data seems to be flowing correctly (so far). On to patch management! Where we discover to our horror patch management can not be automated. What the hell? Some one must really sit down and go over every patch in the system and figure out what install order it should be in? And manually release everything? I thought this was going to reduce the work load not increase it. So we pushed the release of all critical patches to our test environment. We set it to go on event at refresh. We did this late on Friday and to our surprise on Monday they were still installing. One station is stuck in a 30 minute reboot loop. One station will not install any of the patches and I can not figure out why.

Now we are getting failures across the board in our Policies. Sometimes it is the printer policy, sometimes Group Policies and each station has a different error message depending on when you look at it. Last night it was the "Path for the group policy content is null." error and today the same station has "There is no user session available" error. All to frequently we also get the "Unknown error" message. Very frustrating and not conducive to good trouble shooting.

We have also discovered there is an issue with imaging not working across Vlans and we have several.

Things were working well, not perfect but well before we "upgraded." Most every problem we have had time to research has come back to the 10.0.3 patch. This magical patch is supposed to be a miracle cure for all that ails ZCM. I hope so, I have a meeting with my boss later today to discuss "The failure of ZCM" and a meeting with his boss next week to update the status of ZCM and how close we are to roll out. This is not going to be pretty, our go live is 1 June, ready or not.

Now I see the real potential of ZCM and still am very excited about it. I have been using ZENWorks since inception and am a huge fan. I just kinda feel like we have been duped into beta testing this thing and ZCM feels unfinished and not completely thought through. Not the normal feel of a Novell product.

So what do I need form this forum? A place to vent a little, I feel much better now. It is time to get back to kicking this thing around some more and making it do what we need.

If any one has any ideas on the above issues that is not a wait until 10.0.3 fix I would be glad to hear about it.

This rant did not really fit into any particular forum so I stuck it here.

Sorry if I wasted your time.

Thanks for listening,

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.