I cannot install NetStorage on NetWare6.5 SP6 and I need help.

I added a new NetWare 6.5 with SP6 in a tree few days ago and working fine, and I need to install NetStorage on it, now.

However, I got an error message after selecting NW65Product CDROM which was used when I setup the server.
This error pops up after selecting the NW65PROD CDROM.
The process start to read the CDROM and the error pops up before product selection.
The error message show on X GUI because the installation is done from X.
It seems this issue is caused by java.

Fatal Error:
A fatal error has occured. This Program will terminate. You may check SYS:\NI\DATA\NI.LOG for more details after you dismiss the dialog.
(java.io.FileNotFoundException) Database "..\data\sp.db" does not exist!

NI.LOG shows following;

*** Open log 05/02/2008 10:04:26 NZST ***
Informational: Beginning installation.
Informational: Input response file is: PRODUCT.NI
Informational: Input response file was PRODUCT.NI found in location
Informational: NIS Record-Manager v1.0
Fatal: Could not initialize the Shipping Profile in
Fatal: (java.io.FileNotFoundException) Database "..\data\sp.db" does not
Fatal: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Database "..\data\sp.db" does not exist!
at com.novell.application.install.Profile.<init>(Prof ile.java:99)
at com.novell.application.install.Profile.scanForProf iles(Profile.java:1642)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.initShipping Profile(Driver.java:2122)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.work(Driver. java:1025)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.run(Driver.j ava:868)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

Fatal errors 3
Recoverable errors 0
Unknown errors 0
Warnings 0
Informational messages 4
Total logged messages 7
*** Close log 05/02/2008 10:00:50 NZST ***

sp.db does not exist under SYS:\NI\DATA, but I other servers do not have it but fine.