I have setup pure-ftp on an OES2 server with edir authentication. I can login as a LUM-enabled user with an ftp client.

If I login as myself (admin equiv) using Filezilla or WSFTP from a windows box, I can see the directory that's set as my home dir in the Unix section of my user object in edir and view it's contents, upload files & folder etc.

If I ssh to the server (or another 'nix machine) and use the command line ftp client to ftp, logging in as a normal user (LUM enabled), I can view the contents of that user's home dir, change directories, upload files etc as expected.

If I login as that same user with an ftp client from a windows box, wierd things happen - Filezilla won't list any files or dirs. I can change dirs and I can upload files, but as soon as I refresh the display, nothing is displayed.
WSFTP will display the files/dirs, but adds what looks like a timestamp on the front (eg 02:53) and refuses to operate on the files because nothing with that name exists (but if you click the chdir button and type in a real path and it will change to that dir and list it's contents).

If I use Filezilla to SFTP as the same user, everything works as expected.

Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour or have any suggestions for getting a windows ftp client to work correctly?