We have a working NetStorage configuration to which we are trying to add Storage Location Objects for a number of CIFS shares our users need access to. In iManager I have created the Storage Location Objects as follows (example):

Display Name: SLTEST
Directory Location: cifs://testcifs/TESTSHARE
Comment: <none>

I have also tried a few variations for the Directory Location such as:


I have assigned this Storage Location object to a user object. When this user logs into NetStorage the Storage Location is listed but when you select it you see no contents.

In production we will want to connect to CIFS on Windows, Netware and Linux but in our test environment the majority of our CIFS shares are on Netware boxes. These shares are accessible even from clients without the netware client, we can successfully map drives with net use etc. The users have the correct access rights. So CIFS is working independently of NetStorage. We use WINS and our CIFS Authentication is set to eDirectory (Local). The users concerned all have the correct trustee rights to the folders and files shared in CIFS.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Does anyone have these storage location objects working correctly with CIFS? Any advice would be very welcome.