I've tried this on two different test installs, and it has happened both times.

I install OES2, configure each node's iSCSI initiator, patch everything, setup an EVMS container and EVMS volume per the OES2 docs. So far, so good.

Later, I set up an iPrint resource, and notice that the default iprint resource template scripts all are missing the $volume_name variable. I see this by default:
# define the IP address
# define the file system type
#define the container name
# define the device
# define the mount point
The only way I get my iPrint resource to come online is if I change the code to what my OES SP2 system has by adding these lines:

#Next line isn't present in my OES2 default iprint template
# define the device
If I'm understanding it right, unless I named my EVMS volume "iprint", the additional code is required. Am I missing something, or do the docs need to be updated to recommend setting up the EVMS volume as "iprint", or do the default scripts need to be changed to accept a different volume name?