I am using three different documents to create an rsync backup solution for my situation. I want to have a back up server at two different sites. One site will back up all the necessary files from all other sites and willl be the primary backup server, I'll refer to it as server A. I understand that srvr A will run rsync and all the other srvrs will run the rsyncd.

But what if srvr A also has some files that I need to back up on srvr B. (In this case srvr A is a light duty production srvr.) Can I run the rsync and rsyncd on srvr A and on srvr B, so I can back up files from one to another and vice versa? Won't the cofig file for each be different? In other words, both srvr A and B will have a rsync.conf and a rsyncd.conf, which will be called by contab at different times.

I would appreciate any feedback that I can get. Thank you