we have a hardware router with 3 ADSL/SDSL lines. The SDSL has a range of public IP addresses.
We assigned these public IP adresses as DMZ to the hardware router, and added some of the IP's as secondary IP addresses on the BM's public interface. Filters have been disabled for testing, and we could ping the secondary IP's from the internet.
In the next step, we set up a static NAT to a server in the private LAN, which should be reached from travelling users. Pinging the natted address from the internet reached the server (seen with etherreal), but BM did not set the public IP as the source of the ping reply.
For testing, we set a static route on the BM to the PC on the internet, using the DMZ as default gateway, which was used for testing, and that worked fine.
Is there a chance to get the reply from the natted Server back to the DMZ, where the request came from? Setting static routes isnt possible, because users come with changing IP addresses.