I have been using imaging ever since we started using PCs with Windows
2000 installed, but now have a question about taking an image from an NT
I need to take an image from that PC (which is still running NT 4.0
Workstation, because there is an application running on that machine
that only works under NT) because I want to be on the safe side and have
a "copy" of the software and the application.
Now when I boot the PC from the (latest version) ZENworks imaging
boot-cd, I get the following question:

Please enter the size of the ZEN partition in MB (size >=150) [150]

I assume that the imaging software does see that there is no ZEN
partition on that disk, and that it wants to create one (???)

If I go through with this, will it destroy the existing partitions?

As I said before, I want to be on the safe side and have a copy of OS
and application, and don't want to destroy these making the copy

Thanks in advance