Hello Everyone,

I have an issue I could use some help with. I think it is network related and I will explain why in a moment. I recently built a new NW65 SP7 server from SmartStart and the Overlay DVD's. The hardware is a dual processer HP DL380 G5 with about 900GB storage. The server sits in another building (across the street) connected via direct fiber link and is on a vlan seperate from any of it's clients. It was built to replace an older server. It's purpose is as a file server.

So the problem is that there are intermittent problems when mapped or browsing to the server and looking around in the directories. Most of the time everything comes up super-quick but then you will go to another directory or click back in Windows Explorer and all of a sudden the screen will go blank and the window will hang for maybe 30 seconds or more. Doesn't matter if it's a large or small directory, happens across all client versions, new and old, and happens whether the client is sitting across the street (on a seperate VLAN) or in my location, also a seperate VLAN. Opening and copying files is fine and fast. So when this issue came up my manager informed me that the exact same problem affected the older server that was just retired! They attempted to fix it a while back and never did, so people sort of learned to live with it. Both of these servers were/are on the same physical/logical location, both had the problem, and nowhere else in the tree have we seen this. Any help is really appreciated!