I have a customer that wants to setup about 80 pc's using a wireless network. Novell Netware 6.5 sp 7 and ZDM latest version of 7 plus hot patches. Windows XP with novell client 4.91 with sp4. This is setup in a school. They are relocating classrooms to another building and do not want to wire the building for networking. They use DLU users and their profile is setup in their home directory on the server. The logon times can be over a few minutes because of the size of the growing users profiles. Setting up these users for wireless would slow them down alot because of the slower connection speed 54mb vs 100mb. What can I do to make the profiles smaller? One problem is tempory internet files in the profiles. Also, they want to use the same features they are using now like windows desktop management and nal.exe. I am just in the planning stage for this so I do not have the wireless hardware yet. But I do have a test workstation with an access point to test with.