Since we updated our servers to SP7, we are experiencing some sort of memory leaks. Users are not affected, but backup application (Arcserve 11.1 SP3) is reporting low memory errors and is not working. After server is restarted, there is plenty of memory available but after a few days, the server runs out of available memory.

We have checked the post sp7 patches but applied only the iprint7a patch.
I enclosed segstats.txt and config.txt as requested in a similar forum threads.

As you can see there is a WSPIPX.NLM consuming, by my opinion, far to much memory. Today I will apply the wsock6o patch.
Still, can you recomend other steps to remedy the situtaion?

I remember there were exactly the same problems with SP5 which were resolved by nw65os5a and n65nss5a patches. Can we expect something similar in the near future?

Thanks for your help.