We previously evaluated ZCM 10 with regards to this replacing the current ZFD 7 installation. Replacing ZFD with ZCM is part of a project to go Active Directory and Windows only, but I'm pushing to use ZCM if possible as ZFD was so superb. Overall the current environment is fine, but head office has given us no choice but to remove the Netware and eDirectory components.

We rely heavily on the Start Menu integration functions which were provided by NAL in ZFD and appear to also work in ZCM. We use ZEN to completely control the Start Menu and replace the standard items. It's availability is critical.

But we never tested the scenario of the ZCM server being unavailable and the impact to logins and the Start Menu in particular. If a user has logged in previously and used ZCM before, does the agent cache the Start Menu listings?

FYI, Active Directory would be handling all Group Policies, ZCM would be used primarily for application delivery, imaging, remote help and the Start Menu of course.

Thanks in advance