Hello. I've recently installed GMS 2.0.3 and have been testing the product with a few users. I have a user with a HTC smartphone. The phone has wifi (802.11x) configured and working. The user would prefer to only sync his smartphone when connected to wifi (available at work/home) and not use his (expensive) data plan.

Unfortunately I do not have smartphone to test with, so I have been using his to look at the settings. Currently, SMS PUSH is turned off, and "Low-speed connection default:" is set to "Do Not Sync" (hoping that the phone providers network would be categorized as 'low speed')

Is there a way to tell the GMS client to only use WIFI? From what I can tell, the problem seems to be that the HTC smartphone changes from wifi to the phone providers data network seemlessly. My concern is that the user will be on WIFI at work, walk out of the building and the phone will seemlessly change to the data network and then start 'racking up the bill' with email transfers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.