I'm trying to get conlog.nlm to roll its logs at midnight. However it doesn't seem to be working. I am using the following command line to load conlog:

%if !loaded conlog.nlm then cmd load conlog.nlm file=sys:etc\conlogs\console.log entire=yes next=00:00:01 archive=yes maximum=512

I see this on the logger screen when it loads:

CONLOG-3.01-10: System console logging started Tue May 6 10:56:48 2008.
CONLOG-3.01-9: Logging system console to sys:etc\conlogs\console.log.
CONLOG-3.01-22: Log file size restricted to 512 kilobytes.
CONLOG-3.01-29: Log file will be saved daily at 0:00.

I have this setup on three servers right now for testing. The times are consistent on the server itself but between servers the times are way off:

Server A - rolls between 9-10pm EST
Server B - rolls between 11:50pm-12:10am EST
Server C - rolls between 10:00pm-10:10pm EST

All servers list time as insync. The time command shows the proper time for UTC/EDT.

Any idea's why I can't get them to roll consistently around midnight?