We are finally moving off of Zen4 to zen7. Our optiplex 755's required the
latest versions of Zen7 to work for the zen partition to install.
We patched a Zen7 server, and ran into an issue that after we image a pc, it
will boot to windows, but does not do any configuration of windows like it
has in zen4 and initial zen7 does. When we reboot the pc, the boot loader
appears to be corrupt, it starts to load grub, but then reboots in a
continuous loop. If I boot to the cd and reinstall the boot loader, it will
then boot to the boot through and go to windows. on the reboot, it goes back
to rebooting loop...
I also tried this from a freshly built zfd on oes2 ..... same issue with the
boot cd that is created from that....
Any ideas? I'm doing something wrong but
I'm not sure where to go, and the windows admin and jr. admin are chomping
at the bit to take imaging and Novell out of the department.....