After experiencing a catastrophic failure of our old BM 3.6 server - we had to quickly introduce a new BM 3.9 server (NetWare 6.5) in it's place.

Although it was our intention to place this new BM in our server "VLAN" (our failed server was on a "default VLAN" corresponding to an old addressing scheme we are abandoning) - a "gotcha" from our core switch reared its ugly head.

Apparently - the core switches primary address is on the old IP network (default VLAN) - so naturally, it's default gateway was our old BM's private address - so we couldn't use the new BM's private IP address as it's on a different network.

So we had to re-assign the failed BM's private address to the new server's private interface. After untangling all the filters, GWIA, and others that new the original IP address - and getting them to play with the old server's address we realized that the SSL certificates that were created when the new BM was built all had the original private IP address.

Do we need to re-create these certificates?