I was advised to post this thread here...

Our problem started as follows:
1) The volume in the pool was dismounting itself and deactivating the pool;
2) We tried to reactivate the pool, but as soon as the volume was mounted, the pool was deactivated.
3) We performed a pool rebuild (ravsui poolrebuild = "POLLNAME")
4) When we restarted the server, the pool activated OK and the volume mounted OK, but the data in the sub-directories were gone.
5) There's a log file in /var/etc/opt/novell/log/nss/rav/POOLNAME_rebuild_4818d705_log.xml that says "... Invalid Object Node (0x161c08f). Leaf pruned, Files Lost ..."

Is there any way we can recover those files??? Or they are really gone forever and we may just loose our hope and go on?

The SYS and _Admin Volumes are OK, the server is OK, the directory service is OK, only the data in the DATA VOLUME was lost after the pool rebuild

The server is an IBM eserver x206m, the OS is Novell SUSE LINUX OES 9, and nss version 4.07a Build1