I am grief-stricken. The world (to me) will be a lesser place with out my
buddy "Double L".

A strange bond grows when you risk life & limb fighting fire, work cardiac
arrests together, and live for 24 hours at a stretch with people in the
firehouse. Alex Lopez-Lima was one of the most memorable, eccentric, full
of life guys I have known in my long tenure as a firefighter at Station 4 in
Miami. He was the kind of guy you could count on for ANYTHING.

Because of my work with computers, a lot of guys at the station hit me up
with questions after roll call in the morning. "My computer is slow, what
should I do?", etc.

One morning, right after the Captain reads out which trucks everybody is
riding, everyone is still lined up for rollcall, Double L asks me "Al, let
me ask you a question?".

"Sure Alex, what do you want?" I say

"Tell me, <he pauses> Why are you such a DICK?"

How can you not love a guy who is that funny.

Thanks to Double L, there is now a female Novellian who never thought she
was the kind of person to dance on tabletops at that Greek restaurant on
Miami Beach, but who also wouldn't trade that night away for a million

He definitely brought more light and happiness into everybody's life when he
was around.

God I'll miss him.