I have zfd 7sp1 and the settings are:

under --> search level
search for policies up to = ROOT
selected container I have not set
search level = zero

under --> search order
there is the default that : object group container

I have create 2 User packages one is associate to OU and than into this OU there
is a user that have associate a different userpackage.

If I select this user and than I do "effective policies" I can see the 2 windows group policies one is a
level of OU and the other is on a level of this user.

So I wait the result: the policy that must be applied is on a level of user.
But I have verify that is not true.

I have done for example:
Into Userpackage on a level of OU I have set enable "the password protect the screen saver" while for the
UserPackage on a level of User I have set as "not configured".

The result is the user ask alway the password protect even if I have set "not configured".

I have read the article written by Shaun Pond but I 'm not understand well.
Please can someone help me?