I have very carefully created an OES2 Linux machine following the partition instrutions for a single disc EVMS machine (actually a Dell PERC3Si RAID 5)and after a few false starts (to do with removing eDir but not certificates) have installed eDir, connected to the Novell centre, installed automatic patches, and then later a stack of other stuff including NCP, NSS etc. I have even got a replica on it from the Netware servers. So far so good, almost everything that I have tried works - except for NSS.

I have disabled the boot.lvm, boot.md and enabled the boot.evms. I have even manually started the boot.evms, and nothing works. evms service is not started and the NSS service is not started.

So I have had a look at the fstab file and find that it has not got a line in which says /dev/evms/sda1 /boot etc (it had a hardware specific line), which it should have according to the docs. And there was nothing in dev/evms which looked like boot information. So I edited the line and made it look like dev/evms/sda1 /boot etc, ran mkinitrd as per docs made sure that boot.evms was started and re-booted. Server came up no problem. Looked in fstab and my manual change had been thrown away. Also a disc file called sda1 appeared in dev/evms folder. The docs say that an OES2 machine does not need any manual intervention like this, so something strange is going on.

The boot.evms was stopped ( as were the boot.lvm and boot.md - so how does that work??). The Novell-NSS service was also not running.

Can anybody tell me what to do next please?