Very strange issue:

The Bad : XP sp2 machines with the NW client 4.91 sp3.

When we have the Novell screen saver, we can (after a CTRL-ALT-DEL) go back to the workstation using the eDirectory credentials (user & password).

On different workstations I got the following error:

An unexpected error occurred while attempting to unlock the workstation.
Try to unlock the workstation again, or select a different credential ....
Error -641 (0xFFFFFD7F)...

From the login screen I can select another context => I can browse the Tree.

From the login screen, I can put a unknown username=> I got the message that the user does not exist

From the login screen I can put a valid username, the password & "enter", I receive immedialtely (after the "return") the same message: .... -641 ...

The only way to login is to change eDirectory to Windows as "identity vault"....

Any idea ?