Does anyone not how to reset the settings for the GW Mobile client on a HTC phone running windows mobile 6? It would sync fine for a while, but now when I try to sync, I get a yellow exclamation mark in the lower right corner of the client window. Tapping on it reveals an error message that says

Server: "Actual-Server-name"
No Path could be found to destination.
Could not connect using my ISP
Could not establish a network connection.

I should have no problem with my data plan and I can surf, etc with no issues. When the client is first installed and the first sync is attempted, you are prompted to put in a userID and password. I am thinking perhaps that became corrupted and I want to re-enter the information. Now under settings, and connection settings, there is a spot for the user ID, but deleting that does not change the user ID, because when I close and go back in, the information is still there the same as it was. Also, there is no place to enter the password. I am thinking it is stored elsewhere. Any ideas?