Anyone using this to backup a Linux filesystem
hosted in a VM on a Linux box? The BAB GUI manager
will not connect to the remote system. I get:

Lost Connection with: (

Do you want to reconnect?

I have a standalone Linux box that the same agent is installed on
and it works fine. I read that ESX VMware has a built in firewall
which is enabled by default that fritzes it up, but this is VMware Server
(1.0.4) and I don't see any firewall related stuff. Neither
the Linux host machine nor the guest have firewalls enabled. The agent
is running and the logs do not provide any additional info.

I've run a trace using my primary firewall and it doesn't provide anything
either. It shows that the connection is being allowed. I have tried telnet
to port 6051 which is one that is used and it connects.