This is just a general rant and I'm not sure where else to even put it. We have been with Novell since we put in our network here at our financial institution. We've been through versions of Netware, GroupWise, and, most recently, OES. We've always been proud of being a non-MS house and have advocated on behalf of Novell.

Recently, it seems that Novell is doing everything possible to get rid of us.

We bought OES. Within 6 months, we were told there was no more support on it unless we upgraded to OES2 for over $10,000. Individual help calls have gone from $500 to $750 and now, they are even getting rid of those in August. Yesterday, we attempted to open a call over the phone. They pushed us back online telling us to open it there. We logged it online but there is no "single support" option even present. The support is completely separate too. For example, our Linux support doesn't help us with iManager. Since having OES means we are running on Linux, wouldn't it make sense to not make that two separate support issues? After opening the call online, we were told we didn't have "entitlement" to the call and that a tech would contact us shortly. As of yet, we have not even received that call. I could go on but you are probably getting my point.

If anyone at Novell wishes to address these issues, you can reach us at Otherwise, I imagine we'll be moving to Microsoft in 2009.