We are doing an audit on all the servers in our Tree.

We have many many Netware 6.5.4 servers in production.

Our analysts need detailed info on all of our servers.

No problem, i'll just run "LOAD CONFIG" from the SystemConsole.

However, the CONFIG.TXT is reporting inaccurate data with the Disk Space statistics.
For example, for our users volume:
File System................: NSSIDK (Novell Storage Services)
Volume Size................: 150000 MB
Free Disk Space............: 0 MB
Purgable Disk Space........: 38337 MB

"Free disk Space" is ZERO??? that cant be right! People would be yelling if this were true.
So i check "NSSMU" to verify...
We have plenty of space.
I also noticed that NSSMU reports a different amount of "Purgable Disk SPace" than what the CONFIG.TXT file exported.

AFter checking on a dozen servers... im getting the same bad data for the Disk SPace statistics. The "LOAD CONFIG" command is giving bad data in teh "CONFIG.TXT" file!!

Whats going on? has anyone heard of this before?
is this a bug?

OR, is there another utility out there that can give me this same type of data?