Hello NG

On ZCM 10 I created a printerpolicy where I defined Networkprinter that are
configured on a windows 2003 64Bit server.

Now I have a printer HPLJ 2840 where I should replace the local
printerdriver. Unforunatelly for the Server it exist only the 64Bit
universal printerdriver. So I had also to install the x86 additional
printerdriver because on the printserver is not possible to mix
driverversions on the created printer.

When I map the Networkprinter such \\server01\printer01 then also the
UniversalPrinter driver is installed on the Workstation. I have the original
x86 printerdriver on cd and I want to implement the original driver. When i
create Networkprinter, I can define Name/Location and under Driver I can
only select predefined drivers that comes from zenworks. Who can I install
additional Drivers in this section?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ramon Lustrati