I've migrated GMS from Windows to Linux and had several problems/challenges. Luckily some of the other threads shine a light on this and I finally got it working.

But now I'd like to upgrade the client software as well...
First of all I see on the Dashboard of the WebConsole that GMS is reporting old client versions: Build Number, Client Pack Version

In the ClientPack_8.1.0.21.jar file I can find a MANIFEST.MF file that includes client version information, but I cannot find this same type of file under /opt/ims directories... Not that this is crutual as it seems that new clients available e.g. under /opt/ims/clientinstalls/SyncClient/SymbianUIQV3/ directory. Btw: even if this directory indicates v8.1 of the client, when trying to install, my device indicates it is v7.05(1117) :(

But more important is when I try to upgrade my phone client, a SonyEricsson P1i running Symbian UIQ 3rd Edition, I get an error:
Cannot overwrite the file PushEmailClient.FileLock which is owned by Exchange ActiveSync.

Anyone having the same problem and any ideas on how to solve this?