Ok, we're stuck.
We have several servers in small offices, some nw 5.1 sp8, some 6.5.x...We would like to migrate to SLEs10/OES2 on linux kernel. Our setup is not complicated, we use the servers for file and print services and Groupwise email, no ifolder, no bordermanager, no zen, and we don't have SAN's or clusters.
We have one server box, so can't really use the file migration or other migration utilities, meaning we have no source and destination servers to work with. We're not able to buy a new server for this migration. We don't want to consolidate and use Xen, but rather keep it the way it is now, with a dedicated server in each office.
I've tried Michael Faris same server data migration, and that didn't work.
What's the best way to do this migration? Thinking we could use Portlock, but that does not support imaging from Netware and restoring to OES2 Linux.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any ideas!