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We're running Novell Netware 6.5SP7; NCP file sharing only, no groupwise or any other Novell applications. We upgraded from SP6 in January, 2008 - and thus far have had no problems.

Last night the CPU utilization went so high that the server was unresponsive. Unfortunately a co-worker went to investigate and downed the server before trying to find the offending thread. He noted that network traffic was very high, and of course CPU was at 100 for both processors.

Restart went fine. At 12:30AM the server abended. I went to the console this morning as soon as I could (8:30AM), saw enough to see a hang and total abend, and reset the server.

As of this writing, all is well. However, we have no idea what happened. Here's what I know so far:

1. Network settings are all fine; no speed or duplex mismatch (checked both server and switch), no errors anywhere that I can see.
2. NO ABEND.LOG. Well, there is one, but it's from January when we applied SP7 without the right patches and had many abends. Anyway, the file only has the January abend, and does not have this morning's abend
3. CPU and LAN Traffic were through the roof prior to the abend.
4. Currently, Monitor is showing a "server 14" thread taking up the largest percentage of CPU. According to docs read, this usually indicates a client.

Any thoughts? It's odd because we have had no problem since January, and we haven't made any changes, either; nothing to the switches or the network infrastructure...no huge changes in disk space allocation....etc., etc. It really came out of the blue and I'm hoping for some help in getting to the bottom of it.

Thank you!