We are still working on upgrading to GW 7.2 on the servers. I am doing test migrations from NW 6.5 to SLEs10/OES2, and used the GW migration utility to move a GW 7.2 Postoffice and domain to the Sles10/OES2 box.

When trying to connect to this PO on the SLES10/OES2 with GW 6.5.7 client, it tells me "the version of Groupwise you are using cannot access this postoffice".
I've looked at all the TID's, tried rebuilding, recovering, validating, recopying the .dc files, etc., and it still does not work. Database version in C1 is 7 for both PO and Domain.
I thought that you could connect to GW 7.x PO with 6.5x client (we actually have many users doing this currently, actually, and it works fine)
I'm running out of ideas. Any suggestions?