I need to upgrade Tomcat, mySQL and Apache on a NW6.5 SP6 server that is running a web server and Grouplink's helpdesk product. (Actually it is a Grouplink product upgrade that needs Tomcat5 and mySQL 5 etc).

I COULD just upgrade those components, but thought I would just go to SP7, which includes those.
Here is the question: I only have 1.5 gig available on the sys volume. Will I be OK for space if I install SP7?? I know I dont have to backup the files replaced (kinda scary) and dont have to install the iManager plugins. Still, how much space do I REALLY need to have??

Also, any other "gotchas" in this SP??? I am really leery of this upgrade, because I dont normally deal with Tomcat, Apache, mySQL and all that "web" stuff.