I am using the lastest version of Storage Manager that I was sent via e-mail notice. I installed it to hopefully taking care of Sentinal issues. The Engine, Event Monitoring, and Sential are all on EDIR which is on OES2NW65SP7.

Here the problems: When doing backfills and moving user storage from one server to another large direcrtories with 1 to 2GB of files do not complete ?

One user only had 300 MB and the system said the backfill was complete created the user directory on the new server, but never moved the data. When I tried to do a merge, it said can't find the source path even though it is defined and the user was selected for the operation to be perform on. I ended up donig an NCopy manually.

When a sential is being configured for a server it not installing as a Sential only. They either install and activate nothing or both event monitoring and sential. A work around is to uninstall the sential and delete the config file and then copy a preconfigure config file that works and reinstall the sential. It then comes up correctly.

Last problem is Home attributes are not always switched over because the move operation did not complete and was aborted because it was not going to complete. A work around again is to use Ncopy and copy the data to the new volume and then Run the Home attribute backfill operation to correct it.

Any reason why the updated version broke the product ?