This is an odd one and it's a long shot posting here but...

I suspect the issue is the workstation boxes concerned, though I'm darned if
I can figure out what it is.
I've put the question to the HP forums to see if anyone else has encountered
it but nothing useful yet...


Novell 6.5SP7 DHCP/DNS and PDHCP running on the same server.
TFTP running on OES1/SUSE Linux box.

We have a range of machines that get a DHCP address and PXE boot just fine,
including a swag of EVO D5S boxes,
new HP DC7800's, new Compaq laptops, Acer desktops and a number of white box
systems with PXE capability.
All work fine with DHCP/PXE and boot reliably from a remote .ima file and
load DOS and netware drivers for ghosting.

We recently acquired a bunch of EVO D51S workstations, gratis. Oldish but
good enough for our purposes.
the HP P/N is 470061-227 if that helps. P4/2ghz with 256mb and 40gb HDD.
Not fancy but good systems.

Considering we have very similar EVO D5S boxes (P3/celeron) on the network
that DHCP/PXE boot fine, this should have been
a snap.

For reasons that elude me, PXE boot on these machines fails 100% of the time
because they do not get an IP address
from the Novell DHCP server. We get PXE-E51 instead after it times out.

I flashed the bios to the latest version, reset to defaults etc etc. No
the PXE Intel Boot Agent (4.01.08) comes up, as does the MAC etc and the
DHCP and the pinwheel character strobes away
for some time, then you get the PXE-E51.

The card works fine if you install an OS, and the DHCP server happily hand
it an IP address without a quibble and it
functions as expected in XP.

Any ideas? I'm fresh out.



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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